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segunda-feira, junho 13, 2005

Noite - Dia de S. António

Hoje é dia de festa na "Moirama"...
A noite de S. António está a decorrer... ~
As marchas estão a percorrer a Avenida da Liberdade e o centro de Lisboa.
Vai ser farrar toda a noite!

Lisboetas like parties, tradition and sardines and what better time of the year to take advantage of all of these than in June? June is the month of Popular Saints, not only in Lisbon but all around Portugal. Santo António is the patron saint of Lisbon. Prayers for the perfect match, for a marriage blessed by Santo António and the smell of grilled sardines and basil plants get together with parades filled with coloured ribbons and festive music.

Between the fifties and the sixties the Santo António tradition known as Noivas de Santo António (Santo António Brides) was supported by the Diário Popular and by local business men. In the 1990's the Town Hall of Lisbon brought the tradition back to life, sponsoring couples from Lisbon and joining them in an unique and special moment of their lives.

There is a traditional game to play on the eve before the day of Santo António (13th of June): fill a small container with water and write the name of those you would like (or think) to be your perfect partner. Roll up the papers, put them in the water and place the container under your bed. The next day, the paper thas has opened the most will reveal the name of your perfect partner! You don't believe it?... Well, just try!

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