sábado, julho 31, 2004 

I just can't believe it! Now I must have my camera with me the whole time! I carry it along with me wherever I go... And I really feel the urge to snap whatever I "see" with my "other eyes"!... I found this cactus flower in a flower bed not very far away from my home... It's got pretty colours, hasn't it?? Look at the way the petals are over one another... Very pretty... Posted by Hello


A colourful nature spot in a concrete built environement... There are loads of these flower beds all over in the city centre... With their purple and white colour nuances they are a nice thing to see! Posted by Hello

sexta-feira, julho 30, 2004 

Green Velvet... It's what these leaves seem to be made of... Posted by Hello

quinta-feira, julho 29, 2004 

Porto is becoming European... Since I've got the chance to take the tube to go anywhere in the city - centre, I do it.
Being Porto  built on granite the underground was something the people from Porto had never dreamed of. But this "never dreamed" dream has come true! Let's hope people may start getting used to the tube! It's the only way to reach unreachable city-centre spots in a quick way due to the thick car traffic and permanent jams!
This street (in the pic) leads to the place where I work. I don't usually come this way but now with the tube station so near it's in my everyday route to work...
 Posted by Hello

quarta-feira, julho 28, 2004 

Stone Poliedric Geometry

I called this picture what I did because when I look at this bulding I can only "see" Geometry!! Posted by Hello
And.. I really am surprised at how easy it is to post pictures here! There's no special skill to do it .. This Bloggerbot does it all ...It's the nicest part of being here in Blogger...


Good Afternoon!! With pink Morning Glories... I know the name of these flowers in English and don't know how they are called in Portuguese!Better not to post anything else ... I agree I am an ignorant in this matter.. LOL Posted by Hello

terça-feira, julho 27, 2004 

I like this photo. It was given this "patine" in the Photo Editor Win XP has... Please don't be too strict when you start analysing it with photo expert eyes!! LOL... Cheerio for now! Posted by Hello


Being at the barber's, at the hairdresser's or even going to places where you usually do your shopping in "the old way" (by this I mean the small shops where everybody knows you and you know everybody), you can still have a full account of what has happened, is happening in your surroundings... It's the humanised shopping!
I like this pic! It reminds me of  the barber shops still exisitng in the interior areas here and I'd dare say some also still existing in remote residential spots in the big cities. Posted by Hello


How I hate FROGS!!!!

"Have you by any chance seen a FROG around here???" Posted by Hello


It's time for doing nothing...  Posted by Hello


This dark colour is better than the others and I like the way this "blog" looks now... Good night! Posted by Hello

segunda-feira, julho 26, 2004 

THANKS A LOT to tha blog mate who gave me the hint to use the  Haloscan comenting availability here.. it's much, much more straight forward than the Blogger one!


I'm REALLY SORRY about having lost the first comments made by all of you who so NICELY came here to give me their support concerning this new blog adventure! :(  Posted by Hello


Good Afternoon! Hurray, hurray ! It's a Holi, holiday!!! It's MY FIRST DAY of HOLIDAYS!!!! Posted by Hello

domingo, julho 25, 2004 

My Country is BURNING!!!

                                        Could only make it coming here this late!! 
I was blog busy today... Trying to settle down things about the layout and image of my "Portuguese" blog...
I came to a partly final version - it's not all ready yet... There's a couple of things I still want to add so it'll remain under permanent (but not eternal) construction...
I had no time to get to this one here... I also want to make it into a pleasant blog, a reabable thing , and it's obvious you read anything in a much better mood if the used fonts  are big enough, if the text lines are well spaced, if the font colour is also a contrasting one with the background main colour...
As I like writing and being busy with this kind of stuff,  it won't be any masochistic attitude to be here as I'm doing what I like. Added to that the fact that I'm using a foreign language is also a very positive use of this blogging hobby: I'm exercising my English skills.
Well... Just trying to explain now why I used the above pic here before getting to the end of this post!
My country is dried up on account of the very hot weather here in the last few days. The interior mountainous or hilly regions (even some of the coastal ones too!!) are really prone to suffering under devastating fires...
It's what is happening again!! Last year a huge amount of "green areas" was  swallowed by fires which were caused by criminal hands and by careless land owners who didn't bother about having  cleaned what they owned.
This year the same thing is happening again...
My Country is BURNING!! When will this ever stop???Posted by Hello


It's quite late... It's more pleasant now... I just came here to say this space is gradually becoming different, it's starting showing "my face"! The improvements won't stop though! Like my "Portuguese" blog... 
I must be growing mad really... Why do I spend so much time with these things? It doesn't matter if I haven't got many visitors here! I'd like to but the content of the posts here hasn't been that exciting to attract people here and make them comment agbout what it's said.
It may well be that next time I can use one of the aces up my sleeve and get more popular!
Posted by Hello

sábado, julho 24, 2004 

What are we doing to the weather?

It's already dusk and still warm...
We can hardly breathe with this weather. It must have been unbearably hot in the South.
Here we could at least have some cooler spots in the shade. No weather changes are foreseen for the next days...
It seems the atmospheric conditions are making fun of us, poor Earthians, who have been spoiling it all.
The pic above is a good example of what I've just mentioned ...
Our progress in some many things has also been our regress in life quality.  And while we are making up and building new items  which we can't do without nowadays , we are also contributing to the destruction of many other things that had a great value not too long ago and we seem to ignore they exist!Posted by Hello


A bit of Ireland to finish the day... Hopefully this shamrock leaf is going to show me the way to the rainbow bridge through which I can go and find the pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. Ni -night! Posted by Hello

sexta-feira, julho 23, 2004 


Bridges lead everywhere and mean linking, connecting, getting closer ... but they can also mean the reverse like separation, leaving, getting away... It's the first thought I'd like to keep in mind for the time being...
  Posted by Hello


To The Guitar Magician... The Portuguese Guitar comes to life when he plays it! And I say "he plays", because such an Artist never dies... His Art keeps him alive forever! Posted by Hello

quinta-feira, julho 22, 2004 

ok... This is it .. I'll keep the blog as it is... Posted by Hello


É a primeira imagem que edito e publico! Posted by Hello


Estou cá de novo

Bom Dia...

Já cá estive... Apaguei tudo... Mas aqui estou eu outra vez!

Quase de certeza que esta passará a ser a minha NOVA casa aqui no mundo bloguístico...
Vou começar tudo de novo.. mas não interessa!

Até mais logo!

The lunatic, the lover, and the poet

Are of imagination all compact

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Act v. Sc. 1.

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